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1. Brokerage firms:  Trucking brokerage firms act as intermediaries between truckers and shippers, connecting them with available loads and handling the logistics of the transport.  Many truckers work with multiple brokerage firms to find available loads.

2. Load boards.  Load boards are online platforms that allow truckers to search for available loads in their area.  Some load boards are free to use, while others charge a free.  You can get access to DAT here:

3. Carrier relationships:  Trucking companies that have a good reputation and strong relationships with shippers may be able to secure long-term contracts or regular business from their clients.

4. Networking:  Truckers can also find loads by networking with other truckers, shippers, and industry professionals.  This can include joining trucking industry associations or participating in trade shows and events.

5. Self-marketing: Some truckers take a more proactive approach by self-marketing their services to shippers and businesses in their area. This can include reaching out to potential clients directly or using online platforms like LinkedIn or social media to showcase their services.

By using a combination of these methods, trucks can find a steady stream of available loads to haul.

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