Don’t rely on just any policy for your insurance needs

Did you know that most high-net worth households in Louisville are severely under-insured? This is because many insurance consumers are unaware that there are insurance companies and products out there specifically designed for high net worth individuals and families.

It’s time to rethink how you buy insurance

High net worth families have different needs when it comes to their insurance coverage, which is why Red Ox Insurance Agency offers concierge level service, and fully customizable insurance policies to meet the unique, and often demanding needs of higher net worth households.

At Red Ox Insurance Agency we have the expertise to properly insure all your high-end assets.

Our high net worth coverage includes options for:

When it comes to replacing the lost income of high earners, traditional insurance plans are often times inadequate because the policy language is too restrictive.

If you are a high earner, don’t jeopardize your family’s financial well-being. Contact us to find out how high net worth coverage can assure that everything you’ve worked for will be protected!

  • Primary and secondary homes
  • Private collections & collectibles
  • Identity theft
  • Kidnap and ransom
  • Rugs & furs
  • High end furniture
  • Artwork
  • High end autos
  • And more

Quoting Process

Thorough Inspection

Quoting a high value home is different than quoting a standard home. 95% of the time, we will need to do a thorough, on-site inspection of the property to identify certain characteristics and the overall build quality of the home.

Prepare Documents

After we collect this information, we will then need to prepare the necessary documentation and applications to submit our proposal to the high value insurance carrier.

Adjust Coverages

After the insurance company reviews the applications and returns their initial quote, we may need to adjust certain limits and coverages.

Ensure Accuracy

Once the quote is agreed upon and bound, the insurance company will often times complete their own physical survey and inspection of the home a few weeks later to ensure that the policy is 110% accurate.

High Net Worth Insurance

High value auto insurance

Just like many standard homeowners policies are inadequate for high value homes, the same can be said for high value auto insurance. Traditional auto insurance policies are often times more restrictive than you might need if you have a high value vehicle.

At Red Ox Insurance Agency, we can help you whether you’re looking for high value homeowners insurance, auto, or umbrella, we will work together with you to build a custom insurance program for your specific needs.

Start your quotes

Red Ox Insurance Agency makes the process of finding the best company and price for your high-end assets easy. We do all the heavy lifting for you!